About Ben’s local, Perth based, digital marketing agency, support marketers, online resources and types of online marketing services to promote Perth businesses.


I’m Ben Grummels, an experienced since 1999, local Perth, digital marketer and manager of a digital marketing agency in Perth’s northern suburbs. While a TAFE centre manager, in 1995 built the first website in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Like many small business owners in Perth, the internet has allowed me to work from my home office in Perth WA and keep working for Perth digital marketing clients when on Christmas holidays to see my wife’s family in remote northeast Thailand when internet speeds are 115mb/s. My specialty is SEO. My digital life started in 1990 while working for Curtain University. By 1992 the Australian Academic Research Network (AARNet) gave me an insight into the Internet that the network morphed into. When you phone my DIRECT phone number 0418 958 799 you’re dealing with an expert digital marketer, not a salesperson nor client liaison person nor an international call centre.

Ben Grummels, digital marker in Perth coaching Action Coaches at a digital marketing strategies seminar.

As you can see, web design is not what I do. Others in my team are web design experts. They can build an affordable basic web design for you or a website and or apps for your needs with all the functionality you could wish for and innovative functions you haven’t even dreamed about.

If you’re updating your website or thinking of a new website (you can own as many sites you like), the very first thing to do is to contact me for important keyword research which leads to buying intellectual property such as domain nameS and maybe trademark/s. Keyword research gives guidance to our web designers, copywriters, graphic designers, eCommerce experts, social media marketers, online advertisers/media buyers, app developers and digital project manager, me. More about me Ben Grummels.

Nik manages a team of web designers, back end web developers and app developers. Nik works with a real Aussie guy named Luv who helped build websites like that for the AFL (Australian Football League). On a recent non-work outing, Nick and I went kayaking from Trigg Beach, a Perth northern beach. After learning about your business goals and keyword research with Ben, you can phone Nic directly on phone number +91-8481-20665. It’s also Nick’s WhatsApp number. Once Nik finishes your web development project, it’s back to me for digital marketing specialising in SEO.

Nic, the digital marketing technology expert.

One of Nick’s important ongoing digital marketing jobs is regular maintenance of your web hosting, CMS (eg WordPress) updates, theme updates, plugin updates, database updates, site backups in case they’re needed for disaster recovery.

Tim Larcombe is an experienced copywriter and public relations (PR) expert in Perth Western Australia. He’s also a big wave surfer. He writes good copy for persuasion. Tim writes clear instructional copy and other types of technical writing in Perth for mining companies, mining consultants, engineering businesses, educational and medical businesses. Online reputation management and brand marketing services in Perth are more of Tim’s specialties. Want event promotion in Perth? Tim’s the best marketer for that.

Tim Larcombe, big wave surfer near Two Rocks.


Below is a list of the types of digital marketing services our digital marketing agency in Perth offers.

  1. SEO (search engine optimisation), starting with keyword research, then on page and off page SEO such as link building and serverside SEO.
  2. Brand marketing and brand protection services starting with IP buying, and management. I’m talking about domain names bought in YOUR NAME, and Australian trademark application filing. I’m not a trademark lawyer paying high rents in a swank, Perth CBD office but I’m a lot cheaper.
  3. Web design and graphic design for brand marketing.
  4. Digital marketing project management. training, consultations, seminars, problem solving.
  5. CRM marketing
  6. Social media marketing. Our social media marketer, Chantal Gerady is a Facebook marketing strategy coach based in Brisbane. She doesn’t do Facebook advertising but coaches you how to get good promotion of your business, brand, event WITHOUT paying the high price for Facebook advertising. You can make Facebook coaching appointments with Chantal online or for when you visit her in Brisbane as a tax deduction or for when she visits Perth for her 2021 Facebook marketing seminars in Perth WA.
Facebook marketing strategy coach.
Chantal Gerady, Facebook marketing strategy coach Australia wide.