Google My Business marketing support Perth wide is an essential, big, free, Google digital marketing, business promotion tool for any organisation be it a local business or not-for-profit organisation. Google My Business shows the geographical and other information at the top of Google search engine result pages (SERP) in:

  • on the right-hand side of Google SERPs.
  • the map just under paid ads and
  • just under the map of Google SERPs.

We’ll support your Google My Business marketing efforts to local Perth customers searching for what you sell.

BENEFITS OF Google My Business

  1. The benefits of GMB is your local Perth business is discoverable through:
    1. Google SERPs.
    2. Google Maps.
    3. Youtube.
    4. etc.
  2. Posting news, products, events, offers shows in less than one minute on page one of Google on the RHS under your GMB profile.

VIDEO OF THE BENEFITS OF GOOGLE MY BUSINESS is the backend where you can get GMB support and see a list of the GMB’s your PERSONAL Google profile manages.Google+ Local Places

If you cannot see the GMB you want to manage in the list of your GMBs, then it is IMPORTANT THAT YOU UNDERSTAND THAT YOU NEED TO LOGIN WITH THE PERSONAL GOOGLE ACCOUNT WHICH IS A GRANTED USER OF THE GMB YOU ARE TRYING TO FIND/EDIT.  To be able to support your Google My Business marketing in Perth we ask that the PRIMARY owner make  ben @  an owner or manager or at least communications manager.


Google+ Local was an adaptation of Google Places which was renamed Google My Business.


GMB displayed information on the right-hand side of Google SERPs comes from:

  1. What the Primary business owner or the business owner or manager of a Google My Business profile, provides. Like as Google+ set-up was verified by postcard or mobile phone, so too is business information verified for GMB.

  2. Reviews by Google account holders.


In the Google search engine, search the name given to your GMB (usually your brand name or a shortened version of your brand name), plus your suburb/location. Example of one of my GMB’s in Perth Australia is on the RHS below:

Google My Business marketing is FREE from Google, however, Digital Marketing Perth‘s support showing you how to set it up and use GMB isn’t. $70 for an hour at our Trigg Perth office should be enough to set-up your Google My Business in Perth WA. To save time and frustration it is important that you come with the correct login to your PERSONAL Google account which is/going to be, an owner of the GMB you want to setup/edit.

Google My Business shows as links, some times pins on Google Google Earth and Google Maps etc. Great for map marketing.


  1. Map of the business’s location
  2. Address
  3. Phone number
  4. Hours of operation
  5. Write a review button
  6. Reviews.

CREATE SHORT GMB NAMES & URL for your business

If you manage a verified GMB, you can create a short name, or a custom name, for your Business Profile to make it easier for customers to find you.
When you share your short name, customers can enter the short name URL in the browser’s address bar, like “[yourcustomname],” to go directly to your Business Profile.
Note: For bulk users, short names have to be claimed individually per listing.
This feature is available for most merchants and business categories.


Your selected short name should be associated with your business name or the name by which people commonly refer to your business. We recommend including your location to make the short name more distinct. For example, you can use your business name with your location, like your city or neighborhood.
Keep your short name simple so you can easily promote it, and customers can remember it. If you have a short name, you’ll get a short URL to request reviews from your customers. Learn more about short URLs for reviews.


Once you have your marketing pin on Google My Business you, or if you’re too busy, 4 Web Marketing can, for a small help fee, add the following content to show in your Google My Business pin:

  • Marketing Text including hyper-text (links) to your web pages

  • Photos

  • Video.

How to Market Pins on Google My Business

Once your pin is listed with Google My Business, it will show at the top of the list if it is the only pin in a particular location. If there are a number of pins about the same search phrase, in the same location, then good Google My Business will show your GMB somewhere in a list on the LHS of

How to Get Good Google My Business Marketing

The best way to get good Google My Business Marketing in Perth is to Contact Ben Grummels on phone number 0418958799 – “4 Web Marketing‘s” Google My Business local Perth help advisor. The first 20 minutes are a free Google My Business consultation in Perth.