Online advertising is one of many forms of online marketing in Perth that’s good for buzz marketing and if with dofollow link juice, good for SEO too.

What is the price Pay Per Click of online advertising in Perth?

The price of online advertising in Perth usually relates to how competitive/lucrative the phrase is. Online advertising in Perth is mostly pre-paid on a pay-per-click method of investment. Google uses the term cost per click (CPC) for SEM (search engine marketing, not to be confused with search engine optimisation SEO). Google’s brand for its SEM is Adwords. Pay-per-click is not restricted to search engines. When I publish your ad on my popular pages:

  1. My cost-per-click rate is cheaper, approximately half the price of the market CPC rate.
  2. Free online advertising for Perth clients of is published on many high DR (Domain Rating), Perth-related websites with dofollow backlink juice to your online advertisement’s target web page, be it your home page or your landing page. Who sets the market CPC rate? Adwords does.
  3. Free ad design that is bigger, in full colour and better than Adwords.
  4. Payment option of a PPC method or a flat monthly online ad cost negotiated rate.
  5. free ads on multiple, popular, relevant sites/pages (eg Perth) for my monthly Perth SEO clients.

Online Advertising Investment Australia

Online advertising investment Australia.How much are you investing in online advertising in Perth? Don’t let tight bean counters control you. What do they know about the benefit of digital marketing methods in Perth such as SEO and online advertising?

Any site, not only search engines, can offer PPC marketing, a type of online advertising. When you or your outsourced pay per click management company pays per click via search engines, it is known and “search engine marketing” or SEM. Google’s brand name for pay-per-click marketing is “Adwords“. Because Google is the elephant in the room concerning pay per click marketing, it is fair to say Google sets the market pay-per-click rate in many but not all countries. The map below shows that countries like Russia and China have their own, more popular search engines which have lower CPC rates than in other countries. If you have an Adwords account, look up in Google’s “Keyword Planner” –> “Get click and cost performance forecasts” for any phrase. Google uses the term “cost per click” or CPC.

Average Pay-per-click rates vary depending on how competitive the phrases are. Adword rates can be expensive so I generally advise they are only good for short-term events such as the promotion of a weekend concert or if you have deep pockets with a lot to gain, such as some big brand online travel agents (OTAs)

Another way of looking at it is Google is the largest media buyer in the world. They not only sell advertising space on their own websites such as,,, and on a PPC bidding method but also on affiliate websites. Google affiliates sell space on their non-Google sites. In return, Google pays their marketing affiliates a very small percentage of the CPC rate advertisers pay Google. If you’re doing big volumes of clicks at a high CPC rate, on popular niche sites, advertisers might get cheaper PPC ad rates by dealing directly. For example: An insurance company in the city of Perth gets a cheaper pay per click marketing rate for the same quality of click by advertising on, for example,

What’s better, PPC Online Advertising or SEO?

Pay-per-click marketing is suited to short-run events marketing such as a weekend rock concert promotion. It is not worth the cost of high-level SEO for a short-term event. Most professional digital marketers that I surveyed on Linkedin reckon SEO is the best value type of digital marketing.

What is the best value digital marketing? Best digital marketing compared to online advertising.
What is the best value digital marketing? Best digital marketing compared to online advertising.

Pay Per Click PPC ROI Report

With Pay Per Click marketing most search engines and some websites take Pay Per Click bids starting at about 10c per click. Advantages: of pay-per-click marketing over SEO.

  • Only one day to get your Pay Per click campaign going.
  • PPC is targeted. Your ad only shows for the phrases you specify and in the geographic locations you specify.
  • It’s pay for performance, ie you only pay when potential clients see your sales information after clicking on your ad. 10c is a lot cheaper than a flyer or other marketing media. Connects clients searching for what you sell.
  • You can set your pay per click budget. When your pay-per-click funds are consumed at say 10c per click, it means you’ve had click-throughs to your sales information and your ad (eg Google Ad Words) will stop displaying.

Disadvantage of Pay Per Click Online Adverting:

  • You’re always paying the cost price of what SEM providers or media buyers charge on a per click basis. (whereas with SEO marketing, unsponsored listings (natural search results), you pay a larger marketing investment upfront but keep clicks coming through from winning unsponsored listings for years. The only upkeep for SEO:
    1. Site maintenance
    2. your DIY or our Link Building Programme )
  • You’re always paying 4 Web Marketing US$100 per month for pay per click management services.
  • Pay per click ads with major search engines tagged “sponsored links” display at the top and down the RHS of the search results page. Unfortunately, only 15% of users click here. Results are more relevant than in the organic search results. They have to be relevant otherwise people will stop using that search engine.

Divide how much you are currently paying by the number of clicks and you’ll get your pay-per-click rate. For example, if you paid a search engine $100 for 200 clicks, your PPC rate is 50c. Search engines not only provide information but are American media buyers of space on our popular Australian sites. Lazy local internet markers and outsourced pay per click marketing managers for even large corporations prefer the one-stop-shop of large popular American sites to handle their media buying in Australia instead of dealing directly with webmasters of popular Australian sites. The world’s second most popular site buys white space on my POPULAR Perth Australia sites. Lawyers in Perth, new car dealers, real estate agents in Perth, etc or their PPC marketing managers, more often than not pay American media buyers to fill the white space on my popular Perth web pages. If pay-per-click marketing managers and media buyers in Perth got off their backsides and paid me directly they could get their ads on our popular web pages for at least a quarter of what they currently PPC to American media buyers. Trust is a factor so we use an independent Canadian company you can login to for checking your UNIQUE clicks by IP address.

We ask that local pay per click managers worldwide deal directly with popular local sites.

Save your corporation marketing dollars by doing research about popular websites in your locality, country, city and start contacting webmasters of POPULAR local sites directly. For example Digital Marketing Perth .com owns a number of popular websites. One is about the city of Perth Australia (70,000 page views per month). If you sell real estate in Atlanta then don’t contact me but if you, for example, hire cars in Perth your ad on our 1.7M view would be GREAT value because we can give car rental firms in Perth an ad for a quarter of your current PPC rate and for the same or better quality of clicks.

Perth Pay Per Click Online Advertising Management Services include:

  • Pay-per-click consultation in Perth. I’ll teach your staff things like filtering so that you’re not paying for useless clicks (tire kickers) types of phrases eg exact match, bidding, competitor analysis, quality scores, and how it lowers the cost of each click.
  • Use of specialised Pay Per Click software to optimise your Pay Per Click marketing strategies and not waste your money by bidding too much or for wasted phrases such as services in New York when all you want is to sell shoes in your country town in Australia.
  • Pay Per Click research of your competition and creation of an effective Adwords campaign and Overture campaign.
  • Free set-up of pay-per-click statistical tracking so that you can track clicks from banners or hypertext links from any site, any time you choose to login with your own password. Reports show UNIQUE clicks by IP address, date, etc, and can easily be emailed to your associates in various common formats.
  • Advising you what current competitor bids are for your phrases at Overture and Google Adwords.
  • Pay Per Click training. Teaching you how to manage PPC marketing
  • Organising placement of your ad not only on popular search engines but also niche directories, and portals. eg If you have a business in Perth Australia, organizing with the popular placement of your ad there and negotiating the best PPC rate for you.

Leave all your click-through marketing management to us. Our motivation is your success. Only pay per UNIQUE click.

Connecting your sales information with customers searching for what you sell.

Simple Pay Per Click Marketing Campaign Australia

  • Minimum Aust$0.30 cents per click bid. FREE PPC set-up. No click = no pay. If your bill is less than A$40 per quarter it is rolled over to the next quarter.

  • Free Customizable Independent Statistical Tracking Program set-up with our pay per click plan.

    • Your own login for checking pay per click stats report any time.

    • If you get more work than you can handle, you can stop the Pay Per Click campaign by phone, letter or CONFIRMED email, anytime.

pay per click management consultant

Gold Pay Per Click Search Marketing Campaign Australia

  • Same as “Simple Pay Per Click Marketing Plan” above but also includes your new doorway site hosted on another server, which means more pages to push your opposition off page one.

  • US$100 set-up + 2 year contract

  • Good Keywords Report

  • Half an hour of PPC consultation including current pay per click bids by your competitors on major search engines for top sponsored positions and on popular sites such as some portals.

  • Free domain name registration with this pay per click plan.

  • Web Design and 1st year’s hosting of a small doorway site for visitors to click through to your lost site.

    • Online form

    • COMPREHENSIVE site stats

  • Free banner ad design and free banner ad placement on other popular sites for surfers to click through to your site. Your Pay Per Click plan success is our incentive.


Manage Pay Per Click (PPC) Engines

Recently search engines taking pay per click have become popular. The most popular is Overture a subsidiary of Yahoo. With these, you don’t actually pay to submit. Instead, you create an account and bid against other webmasters for a position in their index for specific keywords. In other words, instead of getting a higher position by the relevancy of your web pages to a keyword search, you get placed higher as long as you make a higher bid on the keyword than someone else. To be number 1 on a keyword search, you only need to be the highest bidder. The second highest bidder gets number 2, and so on. Each time someone does a keyword search that you are bidding on and clicks on your link, you get charged the amount of your bid.

Like the other search engines, some of the paid placement engines have agreements with other engines. So, being number one on a paid placement engine may make you number one on a completely unrelated engine as well. But remember, the moment someone outbids you, your position falls.  4 Web Marketing can consult with you and manage your PPC bidding for search engine placement for you.

With Google’s Pay Per Click Adwords, you set the amount you want to pay per day or month.

Fee depends on which search engines you want to work with, pay per click consultation time @ US$100 per hour PLUS your PPC bids. Any pay per click bid amount is acceptable.

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We send you stats from an independent click tracking service which check for click fraud tricksters doing multiple clicking.

You don’t need to worry about the technicalities of Pay Per Click marketing.  All you need to know is Pay Per Click payments for short term events are a LOT cheaper way to get your sales info in front of someone already prequalified as interested in your info, than any other form of marketing media.

How worthwhile is it for TARGETED clients with their hand in their wallet to see your sales information?  30 Australian cents per TARGETED visitor must be cheaper than spray and pray marketing such as billboards or newspapers.

Search marketing (SEM) is a form of Per Click Marketing (PPC)

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