What instructions should be given to web designers to start web development of a new website?


If you are not using Web Designer Perth (PWD) following are some instructions I recommend you share with your web designer after a $44 keyword research brainstorming session with me.

Why is a good web development design brief important?

A good web development design brief is important for developing a new website to ensure future success in search engines, brand marketing and engagement with site visitors.

  • A good site structure that makes it easy and logical to move from one area to sub-sections and to other areas.
  • Good web development planning includes a website built with SEO in mind for the future. Eg selection of
    • a LIGHTWEIGHT WordPress theme because the page load speed is an important search engine ranking signal.
    • minimal number of the best plugins.

If you don’t recommend the following to your web designer, it’s like going down the wrong rabbit hole, coming out and starting all over again. Believe me, the hours you and your web developer put in plus the blame game is something you won’t want to go over again.

Web development design brief Perth Australia.

Good Web Design Brief Ideas

  1. Please familiarise yourself with keywords that Ben shares with you and your web designer on the Google Drive folder for your business. 
  2. All pages must be indexable.
  3. Use the lightweight Sydney WordPress theme
  4. Keep the site elegant, professional and simple.
    1. Minimal use of js and css
  5. Page URLs must have keywords in them.  That includes:
    1. Image file name.
    2. No stop words like: the, in, at, of.  No dirty URL.
  6. If you don’t have a logo, ask your web designer to design a logo and add it to the top LHS of web pages.
  7. Please read image optimisation
    1. Optimise all images before uploading.
    2. Keywords in all image file names. No “dirty URL” including image file names eg no numbers or special characters.
    3. Correct image formats: png for simple colour images like logos, jpg or better still .webp next-generation images.
    4. Hero (header images can be 1920 x 1080) others should be in the ratios:
      1. 16:9 eg 1920x1080px for hero images
      2. 4:3  eg 800x600px  or  600x400px  or  400x300px
      3. 1:1  eg  512x512px
  8. Create and add a favicon.
  9. Page titles need to be a mix of upper and lower case. Eg the home page, Web Development Perth.
  10. Only install a minimum number of plugins necessary and only install FREE plugins:
    1. Elementor page builder plugin.
    2. Yoast SEO.
    3. EWWW Image optimiser
    4. Litespeed cache management
    5. Akismet
    6. delete the “Hello Dolly” plugin
  11. On the server
    1. File compression “On”
    2. The latest or second latest version of PHP. (In WordPress check site health to see if there are any things needed in PHP)
    3. Enable Lightspeed
    4. Redirect http and www to httpS
  12. Ensure there are no site updates needed at the time of finishing web development.
  13. Disable comments
  14. Ask your web developer to create a dofollow link to your new site from their web development website from your portfolio page.
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  16. Please make Ben ben@4sitepromotion.biz an admin user
  17. Make the site owner a user of the website.
  18. Please check site for broken links using siteliner.com. Ensure no broken links.
  19. Keep page load speed performance above 80%. Installing EWWW, configuration to convert images to .webp b 4 uploading images will help with page load speed.

Author: Ben Grummels, Perth SEO Expert

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