Where does the digital marketing process start and who project manages experts of different parts of your digital marketing process in Perth Australia? It’s important to hire a digital marketing agency in Perth that has many years of digital marketing experience to manage the whole process of digital marketing from go to woe. Below is a summary/list of the types of 2024 digital marketing services I provide in Perth Western Australia.


The first step in the digital marketing process is keyword research. Before your:

  1. business plan
  2. buying IP like domain names and trademarks.
  3. hiring copywriters. We us Ai to help with copywriting for your web pages.
  4. designing business cards
  5. hiring local Perth web developers like Web Wizards, hiring Perth web designers (PWD), graphic designers or outsourcing affordably priced web development to an Australian in India.
  6. engaging social media marketers and a Perth PR agency.

Once website goals such as sales, brand promotion or both are identified and agreed upon, the next step in your digital marketing process is to share your keyword research with stakeholders/business partners, and professionals involved with the points above.

After buying domain name/s the next step in digital marketing is to buy efficient, fast, RELIABLE web hosting preferably in Perth/Australia. If you’re targeting an international market, you should also use a content delivery network (CDN) so that your webpages and content are fast-loading worldwide. Web hosting RELIABILITY is a more important selection criterion than price. I sell really good, RELIABLE CHEAP web hosting services at the cost price of $4 per month (hosting price less than $50 per year) as a service for my digital marketing clients in Perth. Free hosting set-up with free SSL (think httpS) and cheap domain name registration at a cost price as low as Aust$10 per year, is also a service for my monthly plan digital marketing service in Perth.

It’s important that you own your domain name, and have logins for your domain names, web hosting and WordPress.

If you’ve been frustrated by communications problems and delayed responses to your digital marketing requests, then it’s important too is have a LOCAL Perthite, experienced digital marketer in Perth that you talk DIRECTLY with, rather than via a sales/client liaison person who knows more about selling and their commissions than in-depth, high level, digital marketing technicalities.


The next step in the process of digital marketing after securing domain name/s and hosting is working with our web developers (and maybe app developers if you need an app too). The process of web development includes:

  1. Using keyword research. Brainstorming with me for 40 minutes while interrogating Google for word ideas and search volumes of phrases that pertain to your business goals. From that, I can work out your site structure.
  2. After passing your site structure instructions to a web designer of your choosing, you work with the web developer on the important site structure of your website.
  3. You select from a range of lightweight WordPress themes to be modified to your unique, mobile-friendly, responsively designed website with all the functionality and security you want.
  4. You provide content (words, photos, video URLs and form questions) to web designers. If you don’t have content producers in Perth then I can recommend some.
  5. Your copywriter writing copy for SEO. A page on my old marketing site is Google first for “copywriting for seo Australia“. You can read tips there but if you need advice or me to write copy for SEO for you, don’t hesitate to contact me.
  6. You signing off on the website design.
  7. Before I start digital marketing in Perth Australia, I download a backup of your website from the web hosting service provider. If we haven’t/you have organised web hosting, I’ll need a tested OK copy of your site’s confidential:
    1. HOSTING URL, username, password.
    2. WORDPRESS OR OTHER CMS (eg Wix) username, password
Perth web design site structure.


As shown under the dropdown menu of every page of this Perth digital marketing website there are many types of digital marketing services in Perth. After web design the next thing to do in the process of digital marketing is SEO. It’s not just one shot that makes SERP (search engine result page) winners but constant monthly SEO which is included in our affordable digital marketing plans. Keeping up with search engine changes/updates, analysis, A/B testing, your web site updates, link building, etc let alone other digital marketing strategy improvements.

The process of SEO testing/data analysis including competitor analysis and SEO should be an ongoing process.


Link building is included with the ongoing process of digital marketing

Content creation followed by content marketing with link-building every month are part of the continual digital marketing services in Perth that I provide. Online advertising with dofollow links is one of the digital marketing services that comes with my monthly digital marketing work. It’s free with every monthly digital marketing plan in Perth but client expectations need to know that if your monthly marketing stops, so too does our online advertising with quality, free, dofollow link juice. If you resume the process of digital marketing some months later, know that it takes time (that YOU are paying for) to reinstate all of your many online ads with dofollow links to your site.


If you don’t want to wait a couple of weeks for search engines spiders to discover your new website, you’ve got the option of starting search engine marketing (SEM). Not to be confused with SEO. The SEM process can run indefinitely concurrently with other digital marketing campaigns. SEM is a form of online advertising. The ad payment method is not like traditional media’s but rather it is pay per click marketing. The price of SEM depends on the market Cost Per Click (CPC) rate. Google Adwords online advertising is an example of SEM. My Adwords set-up fee is $200. My Adwords management fee is $100 per month. Your campaign budget is up to you. Your pay per click bid is up to you. The higher your PPC bid the more clicks you’ll get because your ad will feature more prominently and even more prominently if the quality score of your ad landing page is good. I can teach you how to manage your own Adwords campaign.

Perth Adwords Marketing Prices

$70 keyword research including search volume report to you and consultation with you about things like:
Which phrases, [exact match] or +broad match or “phrase match” you want to target
Where you want the ad/s showing, eg Google search, Google Maps, YouTube, etc.
$100 text Adwords campaign set-up including ad design or $200 banner ad, Adwords campaign design.
$100 per month management such as filtering
$200 optional, landing page on your site, to improve the ad’s target, page quality score, if you provide your site’s confidential login URL, username and password.
$100 per hour is the optional price of Adwords training in Perth so that you can manage your own Adwords campaign.


Google My Business (GMB) started as Google Places and is now named Google Business Profile (GBP). It is a much underutilised big free-kick from Google. Many Perth businesses don’t even have a Google Business Profile or are not updating their GBP often enough. If you make ben@4webmarketing.com an owner (not primary owner) or communications manager of your GBP, as your digital marketing agent in Perth, I can optimise your GBP profile and manage it for you. The price of Google Business Profile support services in Perth such as monthly posting, product listing, holiday opening/close dates, and review responses is $120 per hour.


Your social media marketing process can run concurrently with other types of digital marketing. Some free social media marketing is included with my monthly digital marketing plans. I can set-up your social media marketing campaign in Perth and even provide basic social media marketing training in Perth. I’m not a Perth social media marketing expert but can refer you to full-time professional social media marketers in Perth or cheaply outsource international expert social media services by experienced professionals such as luv.mehta@bitcanny.com


Video marketing is included in our monthly digital marketing processes if you have videos to promote. If not I can produce videos for you (video production is time-consuming) or find a video production company in Perth for you. Having a script and even being available for directing videos in Perth is advisable. Once you have a video, video marketing is part of my monthly digital service processes. I’ll

  • Help you in Perth with setting up a good YouTube channel and other online video channels.
  • Add your videos to my popular, 2M view, Perth YouTube channels.
  • Embed your videos on your web pages.
  • Link to your videos
  • SEO your videos
  • Ensure there are call-to-action options on your videos
  • Add your videos to your map marketing campaigns.

Testament to my video marketing is over 2 million video views on Youtube.


I don’t do email marketing. I don’t like getting spam so I don’t inflict it on others. It’s a form of push marketing that goes against the ideals of pull marketing like the processes mentioned above.

Push Marketing Vs Pull Marketing


Review marketing

Review marketing is a subset of ORM. Want me good 5-star reviews? Want us to respond/counter bad reviews. Work for you on many specialist review sites. Eg Tripadvisor, or general review sites like Google reviews.

PR Agency Perth

There’s more to online reputation management in Perth than review marketing. Online reputation management Perth wide can also be managed by PR Perth, Perth’s best public relations agency. Call Tim Larcombe on phone number 0403 819 781. It’s not just brand repair but things like event marketing, for example, organising a successful company launch in Perth.

Ziksu bank QR code scan and pay Australia’s scan and pay mobile phone neo-bank launch at Perth Stadium.


I can show you basic CRM marketing such as list building and database management of online, qualified leads but if you need high-level CRM marketing in Perth I can refer you to CRM experts.

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