Why Choose The Best Digital Marketer in Perth?

Digital Marketing Perth

Free digital marketing Perth wide is offered for the first 20 minutes of digital marketing strategy consultation. During the 2021 Coronavirus pandemic, our digital marketing agency in Perth is offering discounts on Perth’s best digital marketing services for to help Perth businesses through difficult times. For other Perth businesses, affordable 20% digital marketing discount for Perth’s not-for-profit organisations including not-for-profit business organisations.  Digital marketing for Perth charities is free with a limit of one hour of power, best digital marketing advice per month including free digital marketing training in Perth for charity executives. Our digital marketer in Perth, Ben Grummels, has been full-time digital marketing Perth-wide for over 20 years.


Our digital marketing agency Perth project manager Ben project manages teams of digital experts in:

  1. SEO Perth. Fixing problems with your web pages. Fix broken links and duplicate content. Fix your page titles and meta tags. Your alt image tags, etc. Fix your slow-loading pages, an important search engine ranking signal. Copywriting for SEO as well as for persuasion, sales/conversion.
  2. Google My Business support services.
  3. Social media marketing
  4. Reputation management
    1. Review marketing.
    2. Brand marketing. Our brandmarketingaustralia.com is Google organic SERP first for “brand marketing australia”
  5. Content production
  6. Content marketing, for example:
    1. Good and affordable web design (one of our Australian web designers helped design the AFL website)
    2. Video marketing. (Over 2M Youtube views)
  7. SEM (Search engine marketing eg Google Adwords campaign management. Adwords is Google’s brand name for their Pay Per Click marketing service.) SEM is good for fast online advertising on search engines, good for short-term events, and good if you’ve got deep pockets, otherwise SEO is the best value type of digital marketing.
  8. Map marketing service Perth
  9. Review marketing/online reputation management (ORM)

If you think you already have a good digital marketing agency in Perth, we’ll help you set digital marketing KPIs which compare your Perth digital marketer with other digital marketing agencies in Perth.  Phone Ben on 0418 958 799 to secure expertly delivered digital marketing Perth wide by local Perth-raised and Perth-based digital marketing business, on time and within budget. Guaranteed digital marketing results.

Copywriting for SEO Perth

The first step in SEO at our Perth office is keyword research. We do a 40 minute, $40 brainstorming session at our digital marketing agency Perth office which interrogates Google for your best keywords. SEO tip: Pick “nice” and easy keywords that generate profits From that IP such as domain names and trademarks can be considered. A good site structure developed. Cornerstone pages set and targeted. Our page is organic SERP first for “copywriting for seo australia“. Our copy writing for SEO Perth expert will leave as much copywriting your copywriter for persuasion wrote but words like welcome that no one searches for will be dealt with.

Perth Domain Name

Helping you buy the best keyword-rich, exact match, premium domain names for your Perth business which usually reflect what you do and where (Perth). Eg housesaleperth.com.au, webdesignerperth.com, realestateagentperth.com. These are just some of the 400 domain names for sale that Ben owns with or without a website. See list/prices of Perth domain names for sale.

About us

Information about the best choice digital marketing agency in Perth Western Australia.

Who owns Perth’s leading, a local choice digital marketing agency with the most digital marketing experience? When you deal with the best digital marketer in Perth, know that you’re communicating directly with me, Ben Grummels, not a salesperson, client account manager or other intermediaries. While working for Curtin University, I started working online in 1992 before the Australian Academic Research Network (AARNet) morphed into the internet. I built the first website in the Kimberley while TAFE Centre manager there. I started full-time digital marketing in 1999 at Scarborough Beach. That is the most digital marketing experience of anyone in Perth.

There are many types of digital markeing services offered in Perth. Which type of digital marketing are you interested in?

The above button links to a list of SEO services in Perth. Below too is a list of different types of digital marketing services offered by our Perth based digital marketing agency. SEO is the specialty of Digital Marketing Perth‘s winning SEO expert services which started in Perth in 1999, by Ben Grummels (BG) before Google (BG) when Alta Vista, Lycos and Excite etc, were popular search engines. Even before that, founder Ben, while a teacher of career education, CAD and computer programming at Bunbury Catholic College and TAFE Centre manager at Bidyadanga was finding out why early search engines like Alta Vista were listing some pages ahead of others in their Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

You will get the best value marketing investment out of your digital marketing budget with SEO. That’s why Ben built his Perth SEO expert website to focus on his SEO expertise.

We do hands-on expert SEO for WordPress sites from our Perth office in Perth’s northern suburbs at Trigg and during the Christmas school holidays from Thailand. We also do expert SEO training Perth wide.

Site popularity ranking tracking is a free SEO service in Perth. Simply ask and we’ll track and report your site popularity about every month.

Ben’s business experience started as owner/manager of the largest watersports company in the Cook Islands. Ben realised that marketing was the key to business success. When he returned from 10 years on Aitutaki to Australia, he developed best practice digital marketing skills, full time from 1999 to today.

Ben used the Australian Academic Research Network (AARNet) in 1990. That morphed into the Internet. After working at Curtin University‘s Western Australian School of Mines (WASM), 1990 – 1993, Ben trained Arab oil technicians at the Qatar General Petroleum Corporation’s Vocational Training Centre in Doha, Qatar.

Besides managing a team of web developers and digital marketer, Ben also does and has done:

Many years of volunteer work, including as an Australian Volunteer International and to this day is a firm believer in not only business development but business development supporting community development. Ben and wife Suree volunteer and donate in CSR causes in Perth and internationally.


With digital marketing, market research and data analysis are important. I asked a Linkedin group of digital marketing professionals, which is the best form of digital marketing. Over 600 experts voted in my online poll that they thought SEO was the best value form of digital marketing. Ofcourse it depends on the situation. For example: starting to promote a weekend rock concert only a few days out, SEO would be too slow to show on SERPs, so search engine marketing (SEM) like Adwords might be a better digital marketing option.

Best type of digital marketing in Perth.

Phone 0419 958 799 if you’re not sure which is the best value marketing option for your Perth marketing campaign.

Digital Marketing Services Perth

We started out 2020 CSR in Thailand
  1. IP buying for clients:
    1. Domain names.
    2. Australian Trademark registration application filing.
  2. A little bit of social media marketing.
  3. Map marketing.
  4. Part-time professional development for students wanting to improve their computer software skills in Perth.


Everything except family is for sale or rent. That includes domain names and websites. Make a realistic price offer and these popular web assets for sale are yours. Check the popularity of sites via alexa.com/siteinfo  Also many of our sites and their current popularities are listed on the first tab of our Google sheet of site popularity. Check it out we track many Perth sites free of charge. Your’s might be there.


  1. Perth Businesses.
  2. Old but popular website about Scarborough Beach, best Perth beach.
  3. DIY by owner, House for Sale Perth WA.
  4. Affordable web designer Perth WA.
  5. Perth beaches including map of Perth beaches.
  6. VR photo and VR Video production Perth.
  7. Before you sell or buy property in Perth you should get expert, free property valuations in Perth.
  9. Hotels near Perth stadium.
  10. Best accommodation Perth wide.
  11. Book hotels Perth wide online. A $500 outsourced web design.
  12. Beach fishing, spear fishing and boat fishing Perth WA.
  13. Hotel accommodation Mandurah which is now part of Perth and a popular summer holiday destination for Perthites, only one hour’s drive south from the Perth CBD.
  14. New 2020 Apartments for sale Perth WA
  15. An 18 year old site belonging to Ben’s friend Pat O’Shea, the best accountant in Perth WA.
  16. Thai business agent/business representative in Perth Australia.


  1. 4 Web Marketing‘s digital marketing site.
  2.  Accommodation near city airports, beaches, lakes, rivers, landmarks, events.
  3. Best hotel accommodation Singapore. Information, maps, videos, photos. reviews, online bookings.
  4. Trade mark registration Australia services.
  5. Cheap luxury beachfront hotel accommodation Bali Indonesia. Includes Kuta Beach hotels,   Nusa Dua Hotels and Seminyak hotels. Photos, experiences, videos, photos, Google map of Bali, review, book online.
  6. Home loans Australia, an old site needing attention.
  7. Beachfront hotel accommodation Gold Coast QLD. 
  8. Best digital marketing for Gold Coast hotel/accommodation businesses.
  9. Where Ben lived for 10 years on the South Pacific paradise island of Aitutaki, Cook Islands.
  10. For a good flight stopover from Australia, luxury hotels Dubai UAE and KL hotels are good options.


Google has Google maps while Ben has Ben’s popular Google Maps.

  1. Meta Map of Google Maps. ie a map showing Ben’s different Google Maps.
  2. Google Map of Perth all our clients get free linked pins.
  3. Google Map of Western Australia. All our clients get free linked pins. Map pins can have photos and or videos.
  4. Real estate agents on the Google map of Perth.
  5. Google map of world’s best beach hotels.
  6. Tourist map of hotel accommodation Perth.
  7. Map of Youtube travel videos.
  8. All sorts of maps of Australia.
  9. Perth Car dealers map.
  10. Perth is HQ for the world’s biggest mining companies. See mine sites on the Google map of mines.
  11. Google map of hotel accommodation Perth WA
  12. Map of the World.
  13. Google map of India.
  14. See where Ben learned to surf on the Australian surfing spots map.
  15. Tourist Map of Europe
  16. Google hotel map of Sydney Australia
  17. Map of Scarborough Beach Perth powered by Google.
  18. Private schools in Perth on Google Map.
Keyword research example shows Bali is the most popular international travel destination in southeast Asia for Western Australians.


Ben and Thai wife Suree have two kids. We have interests in Thailand which shows on our Thai websites and domain names.

  1. Google map of Thailand.
  2. Our Thai dad died in 2019 so now we have a house for sale and other property for sale in Thailand. Our property for sale is in rural, northeast Thailand on the south bank of the Mekong River from hotels in Vientiane. The the planned high-speed train from China to Singapore passing less than 10 km, property investment in Nong Khai is set to BOOM!
  3. Kayaking Thailand and Fishing Thailand.
  4. While Phuket is one of the our favourite holiday destination in Thailand Krabi is our absolute favourite. More than tropical islands of paradise. Samui in the Gulf of Thailand is good too. Book online hotel accommodation Krabi for the best  holiday in Thailand.
  5. Tips for those with the job of hotel marketing manager in Thailand.
  6.  Hotel Sales Thailand.
  7.  Get good value, long term house rentals in Thailand.