Our review marketing services in Perth are part of our online reputation management (ORM) service in Perth. Our review marketing for Perth business brands and people includes:

Review marketing Perth

  1. Quality checking our clients. Quality auditing and helping with quality control.
  2. Quality assurance
  3.  Genuine review marketing on:
    1. Search engine review sections such as Google reviews.
    2. A whole lot of other review websites.
    3. SEOed article writing and blogging for review websites.
  4. Responding to good and bad reviews.
  5. Review marketing for Perth businesses on specialist review sites like Tripadvisor for Perth’s hospitality industry or tech reviews for technology gadgets or mining reviews for mining companies based in Perth Western Australia.
  6. SEOed testimonials for your testimonial web page.


There are 5 ways of getting on Google.

  1. Paid ads (Adwords)
  2. Google map under paid ads, pins of which come from your Google My Business (GMB)
  3. GMB
  4. Organic search results. You get on page one with expert SEO in Perth.
  5. On the RHS of Google’s SERP.  (Search for your GMB profile name and suburb. If you don’t see it see my GMB help page)
    It’s in this expanded GMB profile on the RHS of Google SERPs that people see Google reviews people gave your business and how many stars you’ve got.  You can reply to reviews or report fake reviews, which usually come from competitors.

Getting 5-star Google reviews is good peer-to-peer marketing but also good for Google search results. Searchers filter results (SERPs search engine result pages) by stars? My wife always searches “restaurants near me” with a 5-star filter or for example “thai restaurant northbridge” with a 4-star Google search filter. It’s not only your Google review star rating average that counts but the number of reviews. I’m sure a business with 999 five stars and one 1 star is going to beat in SERPs a business with one 5 star review.


When email asking a satisfied customer for a 5 star review, the question is how can I get the best link to go straight to the Google review online form? The answer is not to send people to a Google SERP showing your GMB on the RHS (and your competitors on the LHS) but rather, send a DIRECT link to the review form.

  1. Either go to www.business.google.com or ensure you are logged into Chrome.
  2. Go to https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/places/web-service/place-id
    Google Place ID

    1. Type in the name of your GMB profile, your suburb.
    2. Copy your place ID. (If it has a dash – copy it in more than one try.)
    3. DIRECTLY after the equal sign in this URL https://search.google.com/local/writereview?placeid=  paste your Place ID.

Now you have a direct link to ask happy clients to click and give your business a 5-star Google review.
You might even consider putting a request in your email signature file like this example review request.

Please could you give [business name] a 5-star review?

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Review marketing is part of Online Reputation Management (ORM).