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Contact Ben, a digital marketer in Perth on phone number 0418 958 799 or use my CONTACT FORM to contact the best digital marketing agency in Perth Australia. Alternatively, in 2024 visit my digital marketing agency office in Perth’s northern suburbs at Padbury.


  1. PHONING my direct phone number in Perth Australia 0418 958 799. +61 and drop zero if phoning from outside Australia.
  2. Visit our world digital marketing agency head office, north of Perth, for your first digital marketing consultation, FREE of charge.
  3. Fill out my online contact form or use to make an appointment with the best digital marketer in Perth
  4. EMAIL: ben @ is the least reliable. PRE-paid clients are the ones we give priority to. The chances of an email response if you are not a digital marketing or online advertising client are about the same as contacting Google or any other large IT company. If you want a priority response, open an account before contacting Digital Marketing Perth for marketing advice in Perth.
    1. Keep your digital marketing message BRIEF. I will not engage in email ping-pong.
    2. I manage hundreds of websites so please reference our and your URLs.
    3. Have a good eye-catching SUBJECT.
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Please do NOT SMS me. I look at big screens, side by side every day for at least 13 hours per day for the past 24 years of digital marketing in Perth. The last thing I want to do is squint at a small phone screen.

I used to spend an hour listening to recorded tire-kicker and spammer phone messages per day so don’t leave phone messages. I don’t listen to them.

Why I use a Google contact form instead of a WordPress form plugin?

  • For SEO reasons. It’s another plugin that slows page load speed, a search engine ranking signal.
  • It’s another plugin that needs configuration and updating. I’ve seen clients who’ve lost clients because they didn’t realise their contact form stopped working because it, unknown to them, needed updating.
  • Google Drive where the form and form data (in a Google Sheet) resides is very secure. Google handles security things like reCaptcha. For Australian privacy legislation reasons, privacy is important and a mandatory reportable incident when breached.
  • Google contact forms are super easy to create and edit.
  • Google Forms easily sends submitted form entries in an email to me and to the associated, connected Google spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is easy to read and presents individual results or all multiple-entry views. Automatically generated easy-to-understand charts too.
  • If you want to embed a Google online form on your web page, select the iframe HTML code and paste it to the html of your page via code editor or phone me and I’ll add your Google Form to your contact web page.

Phone my Perth digital marketing agency phone number 0418 958 799 or fill out my Perth digital marketing agency online contact form if you’d like me to show you how to create and add a form to your website.

Digital Marketing Specialisation

SEO is a popular type of digital marketing service I offer from my office in Perth’s northern suburbs near Hillary’s Boat Harbour. It’s popular because it is more than twice as effective as any other type of digital marketing. It’s why SEO specialisation in Perth is the type of marketing that LinkedIn digital marketers voted in my poll as the best value type of digital marketing.

Best type of digital marketing in Perth.
Best type of digital marketing in Perth.

If SEO is the only type of digital marketing you are interested in, use my SEO Perth contact form.

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