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Hotel marketing is about revPAR, not about how much hotels invest. You have a hotel digital marketing budget, even if you don’t know it.

80+ per cent of the online travel agency (OTA) industry is owned by two big hotel marketing giants: Booking Holdings (who own, Kayak, Agoda etc ) and Expedia (, Orbitz and Travelocity). They have put hoteliers at their mercy, swapping marketing reach for high commission fees. There is an alternative hotel marketing strategy for your hotel business.

Commissions hotels pay to online travel agents (OTAs) are an indirect marketing cost to hotels. OTAs spend on their digital marketing to provide your bookings, you repay them in commissions, plus their profit margin.


Alternative to commissions hotels pay to OTAs is investing in digital marketing your own hotel website. Benefits include:

  • reinforces your hotel brand marketing, not the OTA’s
  • When new and repeat guests book via your website, you’re building loyalty. You won’t have to spend every year for each client. Guests know your hotel website and your contact/booking information. You know their contact information.

The scenario of diverting commissions of 10 rooms from OTAs to your own hotel marketing:

OTAs sell your rooms @ $100 per night. Their commission is $20.
Your hotel booking engine only takes $4 saving you $16. If you sold these 10 rooms directly from your own hotel site, you’d save $16 per room per day. To ensure guests book directly via your site, discount rooms $1.

Hotel marketing.
Plough commission saving back into your own hotel marketing.

$15 x 10 rooms x 365 days of the year. Your marketing budget ploughed back into your own site’s hotel marketing for brand marketing and loyalty is $46,500 pa invested in your hotel marketing with extra benefits bullet pointed above.

Youtube video about OTA comparing hotel commission saving with DIRECT hotel bookings from hotel marketing.


With travel restrictions lifted in 2023, now is the time for hotel marketing managers to work in their hotel business rather than working on their hotel business. Digital hotel marketing training services are available to help hoteliers, GMs, marketing managers and other hotel executives better understand the benefits of digital marketing for hotels and how to set marketing KPIs for in-house or outsourced digital marketing agencies. Now is the time to reinvest in hiring hotel marketers, either in-house or outsourced digital marketing agencies with SEO experts, social media marketers and CRM marketers. I have experience in hotel management in the Cook Islands and digital marketing in Perth Australia so phone me on +61 418 958 7999 for your first free 20 minutes of digital marketing advice for hotels including some SEO analysis and KPI setting. Perth hoteliers and their executives have an easy advantage of in person access to the best hotel marketer in Perth, however, because Perth is only a few hour’s flight to Bali and 4 hours flight to Singapore, there is no problem with hoteliers or hotel associations in Asia to fly me to help Asian hotel marketing managers problem solve digital marketing issues and train staff in the latest high level digital marketing strategies.

Is your hotel marketing manager too busy for professional development or would your hotel executives benefit from some of the latest best digital marketing training?

Now is THE TIME to prepare for the post-covid travel boom in 2022. Get your hotel marketing managers trained in the latest digital marketing strategies. Your competitors are investing now in their marketing executives.

Hotel digital marketing for hotel’s worldwide includes consultation and or hands-on SEO for hotels.

  • Web page analysis and online hotel marketing reports.
  • Search Engine Optimisation SEO marketing of your hotel website. Our winning hotel SEO examples.
  • Helping hotel marketing managers convince C-level executives (CEO, COO, CFO) to shift more of the hotel’s marketing budget from traditional marketing to digital marketing, starting with talking CFO jargon such as ROI, The ratio of Life Time Value of a Customer to Customer Acquisition Cost. LTV:CAC.  More acronyms MCC (Marketing Campaign Cost) and CA (total Customers Acquired). SIMPLE formulas such as:
Hotel customer acquisition cost formula.
Hotel customer acquisition cost formula.
  • Social media marketing for hotels including video marketing.
  • Google Business Profile help (GBP, formerly Google My Business – GMB) for local Perth hotel marketing and international hotel chains with hotels in Perth Western Australia with multiple GBPs.
  • Video marketing for hotels. You might have a nice drone video promotion of your hotel but how many views has it had? Our Youtube views are over 2M.
  • All clients get free map marketing including a linked pin on (500,000 views) which pins hotels on the map of the world. Map marketing for hotels by me gets your hotel photos and hotel video on Google Google Maps and Google Earth.
  • Set up click marketing for hotels including landing pages which reduces your cost per click. There are only two scenarios when people search for your hotel by name:
    • You are showing a PPC ad for your hotel along the lines of “Official Site, Book Direct, More info.” You get the click and convert them on your hotel site.
    • OTAs and resellers have no competition from you (YAHOO!) for their ads offering “Best Rate Guaranteed, No Cancellation Fee, More info!” OTA get the click and sells your room, making 15-20% commission, some of which they invest in targeting your hotel brand name.
  • Best hotel domain name consultation for your hotel. If the best hotel domain name is taken we’ve got hundreds for you to buy or lease. For example my is Google first for hotel marketing asia. I’m not saying exact match, keyword-rich, premium domain names are the SEO silver bullet but I believe they help get good SERP listings.
  • Link building for hotel websites. In the example below you can see that the digital marketer of Hilton Hotels has been busy with link building.
  • Video marketing for page one on YouTube. Performance Example. All clients get their videos on our Youtube channels.
  • Free banner ad design and publishing with dofollow links for our hotel clients.
  • Image Search Optimisation ISO.
  • Free advertorials on popular web pages. Eg Beach hotel clients can get free advertorials on our old but popular Accommodation Near World’s Best Beaches.
  • SMO Social Media Optimisation. Let “4 Web Marketing” manage your hotel’s social media marketing.  Have you got share and follow buttons on your web pages? Do you get social media marketing statistical reports?
  • Market upsells to hotel guests such as hotel restaurants or tour desks, with all the interactive options of web page offering during WiFi sign-in. Also market survey hotel guests’ personal data collection for remarketing when they sign in to use your hotel’s WiFi.
  • PPC Marketing.  Let our digital marketing manager review and manage your hotel’s pay-per-click marketing. You know Adwords and Meta have become expensive online advertising platforms. There are alternatives.
  • New innovative interactive phone audio on hold. Let phone callers to your hotel choose music, podcast, quizzes, etc while your hotel markets to them and gather data about them. Fewer hang-ups are caused by boring muzak.
  • BIG 50% marketing discounts apply for not-for-profit organisations such as hotel associations. Hotel marketing for Australian hotels with a good corporate social responsibility policy in Perth will also be offered discounts as part of our CSR efforts.
best beach holiday hotel.

Asian Hotel Marketing Client Example Cost / Benefit

Hotel web marketing consultation services for a luxury 5 star Bali beachfront hotel, the Nusa Dua Beach Hotel and Spa.

  • Digital marketing consultation for their Bali marketing executives.
  • Banner ad on our Hotel Nusa Dua web page.”
  • Free linked pin on

What this luxury 5 star beachfront south east Asian hotel did for our digital marketing manager: Provided hotel accommodation and restaurant meals for 8 days for 2 people.

Contact me, Ben Grummels on my direct phone number +61 418 958799 with your incentive for marketing your hotel.  If you want a personal digital marketing consultation for your hotel marketing staff and executives, think about working with an airline to get me to your hotel from my office in Perth. Airlines have a lot to benefit from travel destination marketing. If you’ve got influence, do a deal with an airline to get me to your hotel from Perth.

Hotel marketing specialising in SEO for hotels in Asia and Australia.


On the popular tourist search engine, my old web pages are usually listed near the top of page one of Google.

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Hotel marketing Asia.
hotel marketing Asia.

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