Video production is not video marketing

Video marketing Perth wide has taken on a new meaning. Now it is not just video media content production but with the advent of smart video libraries/search engines, it is the delivery of video advertising online to customers searching for what you sell that counts. With the convergence of media, gone are the old days of spray and pray delivery of your video production via free-to-air broadcasting. Now buyers via the Worldwide Web can choose what they want to watch and when. Netcasting via IPTV brings your video production in front of just the right self-qualified customers of what you want to sell and where in Perth/WA/Australia or the world you’re marketing your services and or products. Video marketing in Perth can be done the old expensive free-to-air way, which TV stations want you to keep paying a thousand dollars per minute for, or at a much lower video marketing cost via:

  • Your video is embedded on a search engine-winning, popular landing page.

  • Videos in public video libraries show up as thumbnails in search engine results.
  • Directly from an online video library/search engine such as YouTube.

    • YouTube is the world’s second most popular website. Yes, it is an online video library but it is also a search engine.
    • Is your Youtube video SEOed?
    • Does your Youtube video marketing have a call to action or after viewers are impressed, is there nothing for them to do but watch another video?

Our video marketing services in Perth can do video production of for example a talking head salesman but that’s not what this web page is about. It is the effective delivery of your video marketing in Perth to your Australian target market that counts. Too many Australian advertisers concentrate on video content production. It is cost-effective online video marketing Perth wide which will boost your brand marketing and sales.


Would you like your business videos on a popular Perth YouTube business channel? It’s free video marketing for all the clients of Ben’s Digital Marketing Perth and SEO Perth Expert websites.

Video marketing on popular Perth Youtube Business Channel
Video marketing on popular Perth YouTube Business Channel


  • Search engine optimisation SEO of your web page with your embedded video marketing message in it.
  • SEO of your video in YouTube and other search engines, with a call to action that by far most video marketers forget.
  • Embedding your video clip in relevant search engine winning pages. (4 Web Marketing acting as a media buyer in Australia)
  • Adding your YouTube videos to my popular YouTube playlists.

Who has popular Perth YouTube channels? Most Perth influencers have popular Perth YouTube channels. My Perth YouTube business channel has had over 2M views. My maps over 8M views. Combine that with popular web pages you’ll understand my role as a Perth influencer with the job of influencer marketing Perth wide is valuable to clients wanting more brand marketing and sales.

Example Youtube page one SEO winners from Perth’s best video marketer:

Video marketing services Perth

Video Marketing Perth

See me, Ben Grummels in a Perth video promoting internet marketing at our Perth video marketing office.Video marketing expert Perth


It doesn’t matter who produces your video, us or a professional video production company in Perth but let us, the experts in video marketing services in Perth, get your video seen but LOTS of the right target market with low cost effective video marketing reaching customers searching for what you sell Perth/Australia and worldwide, at affordable video marketing prices in Perth.

What is the best way to start video Marketing?

Start video marketing with a marketing plan (who, why, where, when, media buying, etc) and plan your video (storyboard) and an opportunity to produce interesting content. But that there’s more. Load your video on:
1. Various popular platforms/search engines like YouTube videos need SEO. Titles, descriptions etc. Add your video to popular playlists on your channel and other popular channels.
2. Popular web pages. Yours, mine and others.
3. Popular social websites. Eg Your YouTube channel and mine.
4. Maps (Yep #mapmarketing is a thing. U can add up to 10 videos per map pin on Google Maps. My Google Map of Perth, has had over 2M views).
5. You can even have a link to your favourite video in your email signature file.

A common omission I’ve seen often is a link from YouTube videos to a relevant web page. As with all social media, it is a nofollow link but still OK for human buzz marketing.
My YouTube videos on one of many of my channels, my Perth channel, have had over 2M views. Not because I’m a master videographer/content creator but because they are embedded on popular web pages. They were videoed with a 13yo Sony digital camera. After I pay my looming tax bill, I’m looking forward to buying a new camera with good HDR. If you’ve got a super interesting YouTube video about business in Perth, and want it on my Perth Business channel, let me know.

Video Marketing Perth.
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