CSR marketing in Perth by small and big businesses helping communities and people has benefits for both the corporate sector and communities they support. CSR benefits for businesses for a busines is not only limited to the obvious of enhancing the reputation of a Perth business. When people and community organisation prosper, people and communities are better placed to support businesses in the community and which local businesses would they support first? The local Perth business with an enhanced feel good CSR reputation which supported them. It’s that simple. Corporate social responsibility donations need not only be in cash. All sorts of local Perth company resources including equipment and human resources can be donated to community projects. It works our particularly well when human resources are offered and costs very little when a company has spare capacity.


A beachfront hotel in Perth during their off winter season has a kitchen and staff with less work to do. The CSR manger works with a local Perth high school to train students in preparing meals in the hotel kitchen. Some of the food is donated to the Perth school’s P&C which sell the food at the school’s sporting or scocial events. The reputation / brand of the local hotel is enhanced. When family and friends of the school community plan a holiday and ask which hotel in the local community they should book in, which hotel do you think will come to mind? That’s not the only CSR benefit for that Perth hotel business. The money that the P&C raised helps make for better students, some of whom after getting a work experience taste might be keen to work for the hotel which provided work experience. Better, well trained students work smarter for local businesses and harder with loyal pride for Perth businesses which give back to the community with generous CSR enguagement.


Doing CSR in Perth is one thing. Getting the word out with effective CSR marketing in Perth is another. My name is Ben Grummels. I was an Australian Volunteer Abroad (now AVI). I’m everything in a small, sole trading business in Perth with a very small income. In 2020, annual profit was less than $10,000 but I still found time to donate time and a bit of money for CSR Perth wide and overseas. I admire CSR staff in Perth working with limited budgets. I admire thier skills, generosity and commitment to CSR which often goes beyond the scope of their job which for some is more that a job but rather a passion to help people/communities in need. I certainly don’t want to take their jobs but rather donate time to work cooperatively with CSR executives in Perth with digital marketing help, especially with my SEO expertise.


I offer the following CSR donation to Perth’s corporate sector with limitation of my time and place. This CSR offer is valid through 2020 for Perth businesses sincere about CSR.

  1. Free 2 hour introductory digital marketing consultations in Perth at my office.
  2. Powerful, free dofollow link juice to corporate social responsibility web pages, from one of the most popular websites about Perth. That’s quality link juice from relevant web pages.
  3. Another CSR example: In 2020 I did some financial services marketing consultation for the web designer of a local business which provides financial services. I donated all of my digital marketing fee to the local school. While I can’t do this all the time I’m prepared to donate 50% of my digital marketing fee as part of my CSR in Perth Western Australia.
When I served on Churchlands High School P&C I also cooked and served sausages for this Perth school community members.