FAQ: What is the difference between email marketing Perth wide and spam (junk mail)? Spam includes sending massive numbers of emails to unqualified email lists without recipients’ authority.


Email marketing in Perth can include collecting email addresses of existing customers with their permission, ie they opt-in to receive your email messages of interest to them. This is described as “opt-in email marketing” or “permission email marketing”. Each message usually contains an option for recipients to be removed from emailing lists. When you send regular email messages that look more like an on-line magazine, they are referred to as ezines.

You need to offer your potential email subscribers an incentive, to subscribe to email marketing such as:

  • a gift

  • prizes

  • discounts

  • information

  • sample vouchers

  • solutions / problem solving

  • “Cool” attachments such as entertaining short video clips. Once sent to a few “influencers” such as community webmasters, these emails spread like wildfire from peer to peer. See Viral Marketing.

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Business to Consumers (B2C) Email Marketing – Business to Business (B2B)Email Marketing.

Sale of your products or Services Branding New Customer Acquisition – Lead generation – Newsletters.  On-Line surveys & research

Email Marketing Categories (Email marketing recipient demographics)

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Email Marketing Technicals

EMAIL FORMAT: According to mid-2003 surveys 99% of Internet users are able to view professional-looking HTML emails. Approximately 20% preferred to receive plain text e-mails instead.

Most popular email programs for casual users were Gmail 65% (with an addon such as a CRM), Outlook  (20%), Yahoo! Mail (9%), and Hotmail (6%). Business users, on the other hand, preferred Outlook (58%), Gmail (32%).

Benefits of Email Marketing Perth

The success of an email opt-in email marketing campaign

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