How to create a new Google Business Profile manager (user) is often the question that follows when either a business owner can not edit their own GBP or when they want to assign a certain level of access to another person such as a communications manager. Following is a step-by-step method of how to add a user of your GBP (formerly known as Google Places then Google My Business GMB).

Steps of Instructional Information Adding/Editing/Deleting a GBP Manager

  1. It is essential that the person creating a new Google Business Profile manager be signed into a web browser with the PERSONAL account that created the business profile. If it was an uncontactable former staff member or contractor you might need the drastic action of starting your Google Business Profile all over again. This would mean losing maybe years of many good reviews.
  2. Find your GBP by searching Google for the name of your GBP (GMB) and a place such as suburb.
  3. You should see your GBP listing on the RHS of the Google SERP but more importantly on the left near the top of the SERP, “Your business on Google” that “only managers of this profile can see this”
    How to create a Google business profile user.
  4. Click the 3 dots
  5. Click Business Profile Settings
  6. Mangers
    How manage Google-business profile.
  7. Add (or remove Google Business Profile manager)
    Add google business-profile manager.
  8. Enter the new manager’s/user’s email address. Either their Gmail address or an email address linked with their Gmail.
  9. select type of GBP manager.
  10. I like to be made a Google Business Profile owner by my digital marketing clients. Not Primary owner. That way I can do more digital marketing for my digital marketing clients.

How to Remove a Google Business Profile Manager

Go to step 7 above and click “>” RHS/next to the personal profile of the GBP manager you’d like to remove. Then click “Stop managing”.

How to Change the Access Status of a Google Business Profile Manager

In step 7 above click>” directly above, and hover over the word “Access”. Click on the pen icon that appears.

Change GBP user access
Change GBP user access

If you still don’t have the knowledge, don’t understand the information above or don’t have time to add, edit or delete a Google Business Profile manager then phone me in Perth Australia on +61 418 958 799 for telephone Google Business Profile support.

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