Keyword research is THE very first step BEFORE developing a business plan. It is the SUPER important first step for a better chance of a good SEO outcome further down the track digital marketing your website.


Why do keyword research and what are the benefits of keyword research?

  1. It sets your business off in the right direction.
  2. Keyword research is important to help secure good:
    1. Keyword-rich, exact match, premium domain names
    2. Good trademarks.
  3. Essential for website structure planning.
  4. Share your keyword research with:
    1. Website owner/stakeholders.
    2. Web designer/s.
    3. Copywriters
    4. Content producers. Eg video directors
    5. Social media marketers/bloggers/video marketers
    6. Advertising and PR companies.
    7. Digital marketer including your SEO expert.


Who/where keyword research in Perth WA and what is the price of keyword research in Perth? Me in Padbury, northern suburbs of Perth. It’s the best value digital marketing service in Perth @ only $40 for 40 minutes.


If you invested in keyword research, make sure you let me know:


There are lots of online keyword research tools. We use a couple of Google keyword reseach tools.

The results are batched in similar phrases in order of priority with the most important at the top of the list. Each batch is assigned to a new or existing web page for SEO. The good keywords report is emailed to you. I’ll also find synonyms for some of the important keywords and add that to the Good Keywords Report.

When doing keyword research it is good practice to:

  1. compare apples with apples.
  2. get keyword ideas and “break out phrases”
  3. keyword search volumes and
  4. if you’re doing PPC / SEM note competition for phrases.

Example of good keywords research report chart below.

Example of good keywords research report chart
More people worldwide searched Google for “holland” than any other name of the country.
Example of keywords research reporting.
I was born in Holland which is the name I prefer but in the example keyword research report above, more people in Holland use the word Nederlands, expecially since it became the official name of the country in 2020.

Most web designers/copywriters will use the word “call”. Even Google does but that doesn’t mean people searching for your phone number will find your phone number online ahead of your smarter competitors’ SEO experts who use the word “phone” and or “phone number”.

Keyword research example.

As with most digital marketing, it’s not about how long and hard a digital marketing agency in Perth works and quotes/costs/bills you. Digital marketing and in particular SEO is more about working smarter.

Another Google keyword research tool I use gives you keyword ideas, search volumes like the above, and CPC bids that your competitors in Perth are paying Google Adwords for. Downloading that keyword research and emailing it to you is done at the end of my 40-minute keyword research brainstorming session with you.

Also, after keyword research, I’ll show you where you can buy domain names for less than $10pa. Make sure the digital marketing agency you hire registers IP such as domain names IN YOUR NAME. He/she who controls/owns domain names holds the whip hand.


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