Video marketing Australia wide has taken on a new meaning. Now it is not just video media content but with the advent of smart video library / search engines, it is the delivery of video advertising online to customers searching for what you sell which counts. With the convergence of media, gone are the old days of spray and pray delivery of your video production via free to air broadcasting. Now buyers via the new medium – the internet – can choose what they want to watch. Netcasting via IPTV brings your video production in front of just the right self-qualified customers of what you want to sell and where in Australia you’re marketing your product. Video marketing in Australia can be done the old expensive free to air way, which TV stations want you to keep paying a thousand dollar per minute for, or via:

  • Your video embedded on a search engine winning landing page.

  • Videos in public video libraries show up as thumbnails in search engine results.
  • Directly from an online video library/search engine such as YouTube.

    • YouTube is the worlds 3 most popular website. Yes it is an online video library but it is also a search engine.

4 Web Marketing Australia can do video production of for example a talking head salesman but that’s not what this web page is about. It is the effective delivery of your video marketing in Australia to your Australian target market which counts. Too many Australian advertisers concentrate on content. It is cost effective online video marketing Australia wide which will boost your brand marketing and sales.


  • Search engine optimisation SEO of your web page with your embedded video marketing message in it.
  • SEO of your video in YouTube and other search engines
  • Embedding your video clip in relevant search engine winning pages. (4 Web Marketing acting as a media buyer in Australia)

Example Youtube page one SEO winners: